Vode ZipTwo


Truck-like utility, meets Vode-like ingenuity.

Utility and design is what defines Vode ZipTwo.
Small, powerful, and flexible.
It mounts to practically any surface.
ZipTwo puts high-quality light where you want it.

Why ZipTwo?

Designer Toolkit

Small, powerful, and flexible. ZipTwo gives designers the power to create and design their space using one product.

Project Savings

ZipTwo is a complete lighting system that allows contractors to save time, materials and labor with innovative mounting and power flexibility.

Sustainable Design

Vode products are designed for maximum longevity, utmost efficiency, and 100% recyclability at the end of life.

ZipTwo Details

New Profiles Explained

ZipTwo has five new profiles, offering a total of 39 different lighting options. The new profiles offer designers a variety of geometric form factors. We've expanded the depths for some and adjusted the width on others. Check out this short video to learn more.

Watch the video

ZipTwo Product Line

ZipTwo’s advantages can be seen both above and below the ceiling. Its low clearance eliminates issues with competing obstacles, such as plumbing, electrical or HVAC. With every kind of mounting option – from magnets, to low-profile clips, to T-bar clips – every type of ceiling is supported.