Vode ZipTwo

ZipTwo® | 707

We threw ZipTwo against the wall.
It stuck suspended...

A Vode staple comes down from the plenum to grace every table.

Why ZipTwo?

Designer Toolkit

Small, powerful, and flexible. ZipTwo gives designers the power to create and design their space using one product.

Project Savings

ZipTwo is a complete lighting system that allows contractors to save time, materials and labor with innovative mounting and power flexibility.

Sustainable Design

Vode products are designed for maximum longevity, utmost efficiency, and 100% recyclability at the end of life.

Design & Engineering

What took so long?
The sauce.

The very thing that defined ZipTwo, it’s low profile and feather weight made it too pliable to work as a suspended rail. It took an engineering breakthrough and no small amount of secret sauce to bring it to market.

Unlimited Choices

Cooked to perfection

8 Rails in every shape from spaghetti to lasagna. 39 Optics in every flavor from Romesco to Puttanesca. Whatever you’re hankering for, Vode has it.

Explore the flavors with a Vodarian.

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