Power | VodeNODE


Where does the driver go?
...In a VodeNODE!

Neatly organized housing with clean and simple installation for endless possibilities.

Why VodeNODE?

Neat & Organized

Factory pre-assembled electrical box with drivers ready to plug and play. Can be customized to accommodate more than just drivers.

Project Savings

VodeNODE is a flexible power housing solution that saves contractors time and money with its simple installation.

Ease of Maintenance

The driver enclosure houses everything in a central location to provide ease of maintenance for the lifetime of the lighting system.

Features & Benifits

Neatly Organized
Driver Enclosure

The answer to the common question
"Where does the driver go?" is simple,
in VodeNODE.

Multiple Sizes

Endless Possibilities

3 housing sizes to accommodate up to 8 drivers and 600W of total output. Custom configurations are available to handle your power managment needs. You have the power to handle any job size.