207 BoxRail

All new direct/indirect BoxRail.

The new 207 BoxRail, the clearest expression of Vode's product philosophy to date. We've taken all the performance of our DoubleBox Rail and reimagined it as a smaller form, with breakthrough batwing optics, less material and cleaner lines.

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High Performance Optics

New breakthrough batwing for 107, 117, 207 & 907.

A new batwing lens available for all BoxRails. Vode’s Design Studio developed a phenomenal batwing distribution using just a single line of LEDs and a tiny tri-layer acrylic extrusion. Patent pending. Allows for wider row to row fixture spacing.

107 BoxRail 107 DoubleBox Rail 

117 BoxRail 207 BoxRail 

907 BoxRail 

The Mind Behind Design

Let's get small.

“We’ve always been drawn to the idea of geometric primitive forms. Since 2006, BoxRail has remained a minimal high-performance light for architecture. As technology advances, we design to remove material and improve performance. System 207 BoxRail is the perfect expression of what we’ve imagined for a long time…small beautiful lines and extraordinary performance.” - Scott Yu

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Vode Type A

Shipping 2,500' in 10 days or less...That's PDQ*

*Pretty Darn Quick - Did we really need to explain that?

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10 days or less

Vode PDQ*

When speed is what you need. We offer select products on an expedited timetable.

Now including 107 & 907 Systems

*Pretty Darn Quick

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PDQ Guide

ulo™ | Product Video


Discover ulo in its natural habitat. Learn more about ulos design philosophy and features from Vodes founders.


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ulo™ | Mounting Options

7-in-1 light.

A magnetic ball connects the light bar to an ingenious system of mounts and anchors.


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ZipThree® | Ceiling Cable | 707

Suspended. It’s off the wall.

ZipThree goes where it’s never been. Over a sprawling boardroom table, above a slender hotel reception counter. Narrow beam optics (40º, 60º, 80º) let it adapt to any environment. 3.75” x 0.354” and billiard table flat in lengths up to 8 feet.

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WingRail®| Optics

More Options for Wall Washing.

Vode expands WingRail optic options to give designers more efficient wall washing options with reduced glare and no hard cut off lines.

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