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Direct lighting for open office and ambient applications.

Benefits & Features

Low profile design

Round profile. 0.55” (14mm) x 1.38” (35mm).

Superior Light Quality with High Diffusion

Output up to 1071 lm/ft (3512 lm/m) (HO), 110 lm/W (HO). 80 or 90 CRI & tunable white (2200K-6500K) available.

Versatile Mounting Options, Easy Installation

Magnet with tape-on metal strip or low profile clip allow for mounting to almost any surface or T-Bar ceiling.

High Diffusion & Uniform Distribution

Wide, soft distribution without diode image.


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Round, Diffuse

Efficacy 114 130 129
Lumens/ft. 424 848 1273
Watts/ft. 3.8 6.6 9.9
Based on 4000k @ 85 CRI (avg.)
90 CRI available
Lumen maintenance: 60,000hours L80 @ °25C
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Round 3515, Diffuse

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ZipTwo | Round Profile | 707

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