Vode Lighting Announces BoxRail LED 907 Press Release


Vode Lighting announces BoxRail LED 907, visually seamless lighting solution for interior cove, perimeter and wall applications.
BoxRail 907 is designed to be an extremely slim and adaptive high performance lighting solution appropriate for general and small cove, perimeter and wall applications.


Lightfair, Las Vegas, NV. June 4, 2014. — Vode, the Sonoma-based linear lighting design and manufacturing company, is pleased to announce the debut of its low-profile BoxRail LED 907 lighting solution. Vode’s newest product integrates cutting edge LED technology plus minimalistic product design to create a thin modular lighting system with flexible mounting solutions and system layouts making it ideal for many demanding lighting applications. BoxRail 907 delivers both, a very low profile and optimal efficiency, up to 80 lumens per Watt at 4000K, with the use of Vode’s own constant current Zipper and Button LED boards, combined with the latest generation LED diodes. 

Quotes attributable to Tom Warton, Co-founder and President, Vode Lighting.

“The modular BoxRail 907 system was developed in response to an increasing number of customer requests for smaller scale cove and perimeter lighting products to satisfy the needs of their space-constrained applications.

The BoxRail 907 efficiently addresses three of the lighting design industry’s most common challenges: 1) to provide excellent, visually seamless cove and perimeter lighting, 2) to deliver LED lighting performance and quality at the highest industry levels, and 3) to provide even greater cost and energy efficiency without compromising product or light quality.” said Tom Warton.

Quote attributable to Scott Yu, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Vode Lighting.

“Products like the BoxRail 907 represents Vode’s commitment to supporting leading lighting designers, architects and interior designers as they push for new levels of design achievement. The BoxRail 907 allows for smaller and more elegantly designed cove, perimeter and wall lighting than previously possible.” said Scott Yu who led the design of the product.

The product is Vode’s newest linear and modular LED lighting solution. Whether used for corporate, hospitality, entertainment or institutional applications in cove, perimeter slot or wall lighting it delivers advanced energy-efficient light without compromising quality or the minimalistic design aesthetic that Vode is known for.

Special characteristics and benefits of the BoxRail 907 product:


Elegant low-profile design
Featuring a minimalistic square profile. It measures just 1.14” (29mm) x 1.14” (29mm) and comes in standard lengths 2’, 3’, 4’, 5’ and 6’. Its sleek and robust yet lightweight design makes it appropriate for installation wherever quality and aesthetics matter.

Truly mountable anywhere
BoxRail 907’s slim design allows it to fit in very tight spaces such as perimeter slots as small as 1.6" (42mm) x 1.28" (33mm). The system includes architectural-grade rotatable or fixed mounting brackets allowing rails to be positioned at nearly any angle. Such flexibility makes the system ideal for a broad range of indirect ceiling, wall and unique architectural space applications.

Superior and seamless light quality
The BoxRail 907 is an extremely adaptive solution with 2mm end caps allowing for visually seamless washes of light when lengths are mounted end-to-end. It’s symmetric profile, variety of beam control options and color temperatures (2700k – 4000k) enable superior control over light quality and distribution. It’s also a high performance solution. The SO version delivers up to 492 lumen per foot at 80 lumen per Watt (4000k) and the HO version delivers over 802 lumens per foot at 64 lumens per Watt (4000K) with 80 CRI minimum, 85 average. It’s built on Vode’s own constant current Zipper and Button board technologies using the latest generation LED diodes.

Easy specification and installation
The minimalistic design and modular system layouts make the BoxRail 907 one of Vode’s simplest lighting rails to specify. Three mounting bracket options accommodate nearly every situation without requiring custom modifications. Remote drivers can be located up to 72’ away. The simple product design and high manufacturing quality, combined with the simple mounting options, makes the product line easy to install and maintain.

Details about the BoxRail LED 907 products can be found on Vode’s website and in the downloadable Spec Guide.


About Vode

In 2005, industrial designer Scott Yu yearned to use his design talent to create enduring and environmentally mindful products. He saw an opportunity to apply design thinking to the lighting arena that looked ready for profound changes – as well as growing awareness of environmental impacts of lighting in energy consumption. Scott was so inspired that he began hosting meetings with designers, technology and business thinkers to hatch a plan to create the perfect architectural lighting company. At the same time, Northern California native Tom Warton, a lighting industry entrepreneur, imagined better ways to think about linear lighting and a more principled way to run a lighting company.

In early 2005, Scott invited Tom to attend one of his meetings and ideas sparked. Over the next nine months a plan evolved to create minimalistic and customizable lighting systems that had never before existed. Their research revealed that commercial architectural lighting systems could have the greatest impact. To round out the team, George Mieling, a Boston-based, international business executive in the food pharmaceuticals industry, joined to run finance and sales. So in early 2006, three people of diverse cultures, industries and talents launched a company based on three converging factors:  environmental responsibility, design insight and new lighting technology. The goal: to build a linear lighting systems company that substantially contributed, not only the betterment of our blue planet but, to the well-being of all people involved. Visit vode.com for more information


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Press Contact: Tom Warton (twarton@vode.com) at Vode Lighting, 707-996-9898.