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Take a sneak peek at our ulo ad campaign that will appear in lighting industry and design publications coming in early 2019. We're ready to "jump" on shipping our newest product. We can't wait to hear the industry "buzz."

Gotta jump?

The all-new Vode ulo. Move and it moves with you. ulo is a 7-in-1 light you can use practically anywhere: tables, walls, shelves, wherever you need it. A magnetic ball connects the light bar to an ingenious system of mounts and anchors. Touch-less sensors will allow you to adjust color temperature and intensity with a wave of your hand. 2700-5000K CCT, 94 CRI and 77 lumens give Vode ulo the jump on every other kind of light.


The all-new Vode ulo. For wherever work takes you. A surefire way to get stuff done is to break big tasks into smaller pieces. That’s the idea behind ulo, a light with an ingenious system of mounts and anchors that lets you attach it to tables, walls, shelves — wherever you need it. Color temperature and brightness are adjusted with a wave of your hand. All this plus 456 lumens of output, 2700-5000K CCT and 94 CRI have the industry abuzz.