Quality and Efficiency by Design

The Vode design vision

Vode was born when our founders merged their visions in launching a lighting company designed to dramatically improve the illumination in environments of all shapes and sizes. Even as a small business we suspected we could do so much more with so much less. And we firmly believed there were people like you who dreamed of something better, too. 

Quality redefined

In the architectural lighting world the words quality and efficiency are often used, but rarely delivered. That’s because it’s extremely difficult to balance the two. We don’t believe it’s an either/or issue. Rather, a “Why can’t we have both?” question.

At Vode we are firmly committed to integrating quality and efficiency with Solid State Lighting and complimentary technologies that deliver high performance and improved control. Take a look and you'll discover that Vode's quality and efficiency culminates in superior lighting solutions, increased creative freedom, and more humane living and working environments.

Beautiful efficiency

Our innovative new LED lighting solutions deliver the energy efficiency and precision control you need along with the lighting quality you'll love. Vode's slimmer and more elegant luminaire profiles also allow you to bid a not-so-fond farewell to yesterday's bulky and inefficient lighting options, while enjoying impressive system scalability and comprehensive improvements in system configuration and operational efficiency.

Vode even extends the life of your new lighting systems by relocating and minimizing sources of heat that damage LED lighting components over time and waste energy.

Maximizing minimalism

Vode's slimmer and sleeker luminaire profiles paradoxically push and pull the envelope for performance, size, and elegance.  They are remarkably slim, adaptive, easily customized, and a breeze to assemble—an Allen wrench is often the only tool needed. This minimizes installation problems and costs, while simplifying the entire process from planning and purchasing to long-term maintenance.

Enduring benefits

Vode benefits include professional, elegant and energy efficient architectural lighting systems that illuminate while enabling fresh visual thinking for interior walls, signage, ceiling, shelving, and tables.

Lower lifetime ownership and operating costs start with the simplicity of installation and include unparalleled product quality; a decisive reduction of product-damaging heat; easily modified light direction; improved adjustment and control changes; and incredibly straightforward maintenance.