It’s romantic to think of inspiration as some sort of revelation that strikes suddenly like a bolt of lightning. But for us it’s more of a discipline, a way of recasting a client problem so that it can be seen with fresh eyes and from every angle.


Exploration is an extension of inspiration. It’s part iteration, part hand-to-hand (or marker-to-whiteboard) combat. Challenging each other is one of the benefits of being a flat and collaborative outfit.


With an idea in hand, the design stage is where Vode’s core principles and aesthetic come to bear. For sustainability reasons, we always seek to de-materialize our luminaires. Our “less is more” philosophy yields both beauty and efficiency.


Aluminum is our material of choice. It’s ductile, light-weight, corrosion-resistant, plentiful and beautiful. It’s great at dissipating heat which prolongs LED life. It requires no secondary coating (paint) for interior applications. And of course, it’s 100% recyclable.


The manufacturing process involves many stages, from sheet metal stamping, trimming, and forming, to final assembly. For each step we demand the highest levels of quality control.


The company whose products are easiest to specify is often the one that gets the business. It’s a simple truth. One that’s driven us to develop the industry’s most user-friendly Specbuilder. Ours is reliable, comprehensive and a snap to use.


Vode products are designed to exalt the built environment without disrupting it. It’s not just how they look, it’s how they arrive at the jobsite, how intuitive they are to install and how little service they require over their working life.