Patents & Trademarks

At Vode, we take innovation seriously. So seriously, in fact, we’ve built our business around the idea of Perpetual Innovation. It started with our “kit of parts” – a small, modular, easily configurable and endlessly scalable set of rails, lenses and drivers. But it’s grown into an ecosystem of innovation where custom client solutions are reimagined for broader applications. Where problems beget patents. Lots of patents.

Vode IP.

Design PatentPatent #
Double HubD602,629
Zero CanopyD599,054
Single HubD602,630
Floor LampD646,837
WingRail LedD648,478
Round ArmD657,905
Square ArmD657,906
Arm AnchorD659,900
Dual Square ArmD669,630
Dual Round ArmD669,629
Utility PatentPatent #
Zero canopy7,604,209
Fixture Support System & Method8,033,688
Etherlight Continuationpending
Vode Modular Lighting Systempending