A line of light on any surface.

The quality of light and minimal profile you are used to
from Vode in a wider platform.

Why Nexa?

No Light Gaps

With Vode's Critical Edge™ design, the lens goes to the edge delivering a ribbon of light.

Easy On The Eyes

This edge-lit luminaire is available with honeycomb optics, designed to reduce glare from every angle.

Ease of Installation

With magnets and clips, the fixture effortlessly snaps into place on any surface, wall, or ceiling.

Features & Benefits

Go Long, Stay Thin

Nexa is an edge-lit luminaire with high uniformity. No glare, no light leaks, no hotspots. Just a ribbon of light.

Contractor Friendly Installation

Seamless Integration in On-Center ACT

Installation happens below the ceiling with magnets and clips that snap Nexa into place.

Contractor Friendly Installation

Blends into Wood Slat Ceilings

Our adjustable T-Bar clip for slat ceilings make installation at a consistent height a breeze.

More than a line of light

Shaping a world of possibilities

Nexa isn't just linear, it also bends and creates shapes. Whether it's zigzags, L's, U's, squares or rectangles, Nexa molds into your space.