George's Bio

George Mieling

Schön Dich kennenzulernen.

Austrian-born George Mieling came to Vode from the corporate world where he held executive-level positions at a number of industrial and biochemical corporations in Europe and the Eastern United States.

After 15 years in the industrial sector, George craved something new, wanting to put his time and effort into a business where he had a larger personal stake. So he joined his cousin, American-born Tom Warton, and design entrepreneur, Scott Yu, to create Vode Lighting.

With Scott's expertise in lighting design and Tom’s experience in the lighting industry, George’s business management skills provided the impetus to drive the company’s growth. At every stage, George has lead the company in establishing efficient business processes while managing its financial risk.

In his free time, George enjoys spending time with his family, surfing, skiing, traveling internationally and playing passionate blues and rock keyboards with his band. George holds graduate degrees from the University of Vienna, Austria and Harvard Business School.


“In just 15 years, Vode has matured from a small Sonoma start-up to a mid-sized company with a global footprint. The entrepreneurial spirit that bootstrapped us then is still a vital part of our DNA. In fact, we’ve never been more innovative or energized than we are today.”
– George Mieling