Vode Story

About Vode.

We design and make elegant, minimalistic yet adaptive architectural lighting systems that responsibly enhance public, commercial and educational interior spaces.


Vode began as a vision for change—the vision of three people who wanted to create a company that combined business innovation, minimalistic and responsible design and manufacturing practices for everyone’s benefit.

It started in 2005, when industrial designer Scott Yu yearned to create long-lasting and environmentally-mindful products. He was intrigued by the growing need for energy-efficiency and began hosting meetings with design, technology and business thinkers, to hatch a plan for the perfect product company…

At the same time, Tom Warton—lighting industry entrepreneur was envisioning better ways to approach architectural lighting, and a more principled way to run a lighting manufacturing company.

Tom attended one of Scott’s meetings. Ideas were sparked and before long, the two men generated a plan to create minimalistic and responsible lighting. Tom and Scott discovered that the greatest need was for modular linear architectural lighting systems. They brought on George Mieling to help operate the company and by September 2006, had already begun to ship lighting.

Vode's "Minimalistic" Vision.

Vode thrives at the intersection of simplicity, technology and restraint.

Before Vode was a lighting company, it was a vision: To design products that had the most minimal possible presence, made with the least amount of materials, technologies and processes.

Vode’s products are designed to distribute controlled light through modest forms that don’t detract from the architectural spaces they illuminate. The results are lighting systems with modular and interchangeable parts that reduce size, weight and waste. They’re engineered for simple installation and maintenance-free lives.

Vode is guided by one idea: Simply, that we can do the most with
the least.

Who is Vode for.

We work for the professional who designs, delivers or constructs lighting systems -- and for the people who inhabit those spaces.

Specifically, we design for:

  • The designer who must balance challenging aesthetic, functional, environmental and economic requirements.
  • The architect or interior designer seeking aesthetically minimal yet customizable lighting solutions that enhance their designed environments.
  • The builder who needs a real project collaborator.
  • The building owners and tenants looking for enduring lighting systems that are as affordable to install as they are to own and operate long-term
  • Everyone who spends even a little time in their illuminated environments

We recognize that our true customers are the people who live with
our lighting systems. This deeply felt understanding drives everything
we do.