Vode Lighting and Armstrong® Ceilings Announce ZipWave 707 Press Release

Vode Lighting and Armstrong® Ceilings announce ZipWave | LED | 707, cove lighting for acoustical ceilings for corporate, hospitality, healthcare and retail applications.
ZipWave | LED | 707 is designed for use with Armstrong®’s AXIOM® Indirect Light Coves and provides seamless, high performance cove and wall wash solutions for acoustical tile ceilings.

Sonoma, CA. October 20th, 2015. — Vode, the Sonoma-based linear lighting design and manufacturing company, in collaboration with Armstrong®, a global leader in the design and manufacture of ceiling systems, is pleased to announce the debut of ZipWave | LED | 707. Vode’s newest product integrates seamlessly with Armstrong® AXIOM® Indirect Light Coves with flexible mounting solutions and system layouts making it ideal for cove and wall wash lighting applications. ZipWave | LED | 707 combines cutting edge LED technology, plug and play power and an architectural key way which guarantees quick installation and perfect alignment, every time.

Quotes attributable to Tom Warton, Co-founder and President, Vode Lighting.

“When Armstrong® came to us with light cove designs they were developing, we jumped at the opportunity to be involved. Armstrong® is a powerhouse for good reason. They have such an incredible history. Over 150 years in business, an incredible portfolio of products and a massive global presence.

“We’re really excited about ZipWave. I think the designs that came out of our collaboration are innovative, efficient, easy-to-install and – above all – have a beautiful quality of light.”

Quote attributable to Jeff Hederick, VP Commercial Marketing, Armstrong® World Industries.

“Vode Lighting is known for energy-efficient, quality performance and a minimalistic design aesthetic. We are excited to partner with Vode on ZipWave | LED | 707 because it exemplifies why Vode is a leader in lighting innovation. We’re thrilled to introduce our new AXIOM® Indirect Light Cove product offerings in conjunction with Vode’s ZipWave product.

Special characteristics and benefits of ZipWave | LED | 707:

Compatible with industry-leading acoustical ceiling provider
Designed for use with Armstrong® AXIOM® Indirect Light Coves. Armstrong® World Industries Inc. is a global leader in the design and manufacture of floors and ceiling systems. For 150 years and counting, their innovative interior solutions enhance comfort, save time, improve building efficiency, improve overall building performance and create beautiful spaces.

Seamless light quality
ZipWave | LED | 707 is a beautifully optimized solution for ceiling cove and wall wash. End caps a mere 2mm wide allow the distribution of virtually seamless washes of light when sections are mounted end-to-end. Available in color temperatures from 2700K to 4000K. Built on Vode’s own constant current Zipper board technology, outputs up to 1000 lm/ft (3280 lm/m) are available. IES files will be available mid-November 2015.

Installation in minutes.
Integral power with plug and play connection means the product drops quickly into place without hassle. Connect two sections together, push the sections together for seamless light output and repeat. The simple product design and high manufacturing quality combined means ZipWave | LED | 707 is simple to install and maintain.

Perfect alignment
A simple architectural key way aligns ZipWave | LED | 707 to the AXIOM® Ceiling-to-Ceiling or Ceiling-to-Wall coves. You’ll get perfect light distribution, every time.


Details about ZipWave | LED | 707 can be found here.

Details about AXIOM® Indirect Light Coves can be found here.


About Vode

In 2005, industrial designer Scott Yu yearned to use his design talent to create enduring and environmentally mindful products. He saw an opportunity to apply design thinking to the lighting arena that looked ready for profound changes – as well as growing awareness of environmental impacts of lighting in energy consumption. Scott was so inspired he began hosting meetings with designers, technology and business thinkers to hatch a plan to create the perfect architectural lighting company. At the same time, Northern California native Tom Warton, a lighting industry entrepreneur, imagined better ways to think about linear lighting and a more principled way to run a lighting company.

In early 2005, Scott invited Tom to attend one of his meetings and ideas sparked. Over the next nine months a plan evolved to create minimalistic and customizable lighting systems that had never before existed. Their research revealed that commercial architectural lighting systems could have the greatest impact. To round out the team, George Mieling, a Boston-based, international business executive in the food pharmaceuticals industry, joined to run finance and sales. So in early 2006, three people of diverse cultures, industries and talents launched a company based on three converging factors:  environmental responsibility, design insight and new lighting technology. The goal: to build a linear lighting systems company that substantially contributed, not only the betterment of our blue planet but, to the well-being of all people involved. Visit vode.com for more information



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Press Contact: Tom Warton (twarton@vode.com) at Vode Lighting, 707-996-9898