ZipTwo | New Optics

Direct/indirect for corporate, hospitality and institutional applications.

Vode's ZipTwo | 707 expands open office and ambient
lighting options with new low-profile optics.

See Square profile here 

See Round profile here 

See Micro profile here 

WingRail | New Optics

More Options for Wall Washing.

Vode's top-selling WingRail | 107 expands optic options to give
designers more efficient wall washing options with reduced
glare and no hard cutoff lines.

See here 

ZipTwo | New Color

Murdered Out ZipTwo Disappears Into Thin Air!

Vode's new ZipTwo | 707 in black lets the fixture disappear into more backgrounds, leaving only light.

See here 

Murdered Out? 

ZipOne | Optic

Improved Glare and Beam Control
for Undercabinet/Task Light.

Vode's ZipOne 100° Asymmetric undercabinet & task light perfectly
illuminates shelving, work surfaces and countertops without glare
or hard cutoff lines.

See here 

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